Kluver's 70th Birthday. Photo by Randall Packer

Billy Kluver

Collaboration of Artists & Engineers: Past, Present, Future

Date 11/19/97

Affiliation Artist, Experiments in Art and Technology (EAT)


The legendary Billy Kluver will return to Berkeley for the first time since graduating in 1957. His will discuss his most recent book, A Day with Picasso, is based on 18 photographs of Picasso, Modigliani, and their friends taken by Jean Cocteau in 1916. As a qualified scientist, Kluver analyzed the photographs to determine exactly where and at what time they were taken. He used maps and archives to determine the exact restaurant where they had lunch and used measurements of the buildings and solar records to determine the times for each photograph based on shadow telemetry. Billy Kluver will reflect on his career of collaborating with artists and engineers.


Billy Kluver graduated from UC Berkeley’s Electronic Engineering Department in 1957. After Berkeley, Billy Kluver went to work at Bell Labs and then formed a 30 year Art and Technology collaboration with Robert Rauschenberg in New York. One might think of Billy Kluver as the Father of Electronic Art.

-- As of 11/19/97