Data and Its Discontents

Date 3/19/01

Affiliation Artist Corporation, San Jose


Monday's presentation will survey the company's prospectus and commissioned projects for Siggraph, Ars Electronica, the Walker Art Center, the Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose Museum of Art, ASU Institute for Studies in the Arts, Cantor Center for the Arts, New Langton Arts, Transmediale and Altoids.


C5 Corporation, founded in 1998, is both an artistic endeavor and business enterprise. Structured as a Limited Liability Company, C5 provides a unique context for research in information visualization. C5 creates models and analyses of networks and systems in which the generation of data informs interpretation of data. For C5 there is no philosophical conflict between art as theory, research as art, and art as business. For C5, theory is product.

C5 is Steve Durie, Jan Ekenberg, Lisa Jevbratt, Veronica Ramirez, Brett Stalbaum, Joel Slayton, Jack Toolin, Geri Wittig and affiliates Anne-Marie Schleiner and Bruce Gardner.

-- As of 3/19/01

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