Zoo Kit, 1997

Gail Wight

The Desprate Poetics of Electrochemistry

Date 9/29/99

Affiliation Artist, Mills College, Oakland


Working primarily with installation, computer, text, and performance work, conceptual artist Gail Wight investigates issues of cognitive science and the history of scientific theory and technology. Over a decade ago, her initial investigation into issues surrounding mental illness led to successive works addressing areas of research in the neurosciences and their historical influences on our current views of illness and health.

Today, Wight's work embraces contemporary and historical neurology, scientific pedagogy, the culture and practice it creates, and aspects of artificial intelligence as her subjects. While technology often plays a role, Wight's work is more insistent in its attention to biology and it's complicity in our conceptions - and misconceptions - of "humanity."


Gail Wight holds an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute where she was a Javits Fellow, and a BFA from the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art. She has worked for a MIT research project on cognition, in the Exploratorium's Performance Program, and has held residencies at Capp Street Project, the Exploratorium, and Headlands Center for the Arts. Wight has lectured on art and science and exhibited her work internationally.

-- As of 9/29/99

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