"is down?"

Date 3/17/99

Affiliation Digital Artists, Barcelona








Digital artists Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans are JODI. ``As artists who have chosen the web as their primary medium, contributes one of the most achieved and sophisticated body of work to be found at this point. While at first their work can be perceived as formal, it is also undeniable that its conceptual grounding is only partly concealed by a sharp sense of humor. Revealing the potential dysfunctionality of the machine, and thus commenting on the relationship we maintain with them, they offer the viewer an opportunity to think about how the advent of micro-mechanics has profoundly transformed the nature of this relationship.''

- Benjamin Weil, adaweb

``There are interfaces so commonplace that we hardly notice them anymore. The computer presents itself as a desktop, with a little trash can bottom right, pull-down menus, scroll bars, system icons. With its `interface in your face' approach, the website might be an antidote to our obliviousness to interface standardization.''

-Christiane Paul

-- As of 3/17/99

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