Jordan Crandall

Armed Vision

Date 4/5/00

Affiliation Artist & Media Theorist, New York


This talk will address 4 topics:

1. The militarized complexes within which contemporary images are embedded, their emerging formats of regimentation, and ways in which they 'arm' vision within new ocular networks. These forms and processes are deeply connected to changing patterns of perception and embodiment.

2. The rise of the database as an organizing principle, and the new structures of orientation, compilation, and statisticalization that accompany it. A new kind of 'moving image' arises, with conventions that augment the cinematic.

3. The image no longer 'representing' as such, but embedded in processing apparatus of all kinds which mark a 'seeing back,' reversing the privileges we assume. The crisis representation that this heralds. A shift from representing movements to tracking them.

4. The new erotic worlds that open up within what can otherwise be seen solely in terms of a technics of control. New processes of identification, integration, and incorporation as sources of erotic pleasure -- involving new couplings of humans and machines; new senses of intimacy and invasive pleasures that usurp private space; and new forms of simultaneously seeing and being seen that are helping to change the contours of the body, its desires, and its sense of orientation in the world.


Jordan Crandall is an artist and media theorist. His first solo museum show, curated by Peter Weibel, is currently running at the Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum in Graz. His next exhibition opens May 17 at the ARTLAB in Tokyo. An anthology of Crandall's critical writing on technology and culture will be published by ZKM Karlshrue next year. Crandall is founding Editor of Blast ( and director of the X Art Foundation, New York. Crandall is currently moderating a mailinglist forum entitled "Networks and Markets," in conjunction with the Institute of International Visual Arts (inIVA) in London.

-- As of 4/5/00

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