Lynn Hershman

Clicking In: Digital Cinema, Virtual Sets and Infinite Reality

Date 3/31/97

Affiliation Artist, University of California, Davis


Lynn Hershman is an artist who works in many mediums, including installations, video, film, and interactive computer based art. She is credited with having made the first interactive art laserdisc, LORNA (1979), and has had over 160 exhibitions in museums throughout the world, including retrospectives at The National Gallery of Canada and the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw. Her work is in many collections such as The Walker Art Center, University Art Museum, Museum of Modern Art and the Seattle Art Museum. Recently she was awarded a tribute and retrospective at the S.F. International Film Festival, the ZKM Media Arts Award, The WDR Cyberstar award and the Annie Gerber grant. She is currently working on a feature film on the life of Ada Lovelace, and a commission for the opening of the ZKM Mediamuseum in Karlsruhe, Germany. She recently completed an anthology Clicking In: Hot Links to a Digital Culture, published by Bay Press and is Professor of Electronic Art at the University of California, Davis.

-- As of 3/31/97

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