Mark Hosler

Adventures in Art at the Edge of the Law

Date 9/14/09

Affiliation Adventures in Art at the Edge of the Law, Negativland


Even if you've never heard of Negativland, this talk will be of interest if you want to learn about: pranks, media hoaxes, media literacy, the art of collage, creative activism in a media-saturated multi-national world, file sharing, intellectual property, evolving notions of art and ownership and law in a digital age, artistic critiques of mass media and culture, so-called "culture jamming" (a term coined by Negativland way back in 1984)....

Widely known for being sued for their "U2" single, Negativland have for many years been a thorn in the side of corporations. They've released many CDs, gone on tours, and were the subject of San Francisco filmmaker Craig Baldwin's 1995 feature film "SONIC OUTLAWS". "Negativland isn't just some group of merry pranksters; its art is about tearing apart and reassembling found images to create new ones, in an attempt to make social, political and artistic statements. Hilarious and chilling." - The Onion.


Mark Hosler is a founding member of the group Negativland, which since 1980 has created records, video, radio and live performance using appropriated sound, image and text. Mark has been aggressively and publicly involved in advocating a significant reform of copyright laws, publishing on these issues for Billboard Magazine, Keyboard Magazine, College Music Journal, NYU Law Commentator and others. He has lectured at the Universities of Arizona, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Chapel Hill, as well as at MIT, Yale, NYU, Seattle University School of Law, Cranbrook Academy of Art, and at various venues in Washington D.C, New York City, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Toronto, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Melbourne Australia and more. He was the keynote speaker at the 2004 Allied Media Conference, spoke at the Regional Conference to End Corporate Dominance in Portland Oregon, at the Conference On The Public Domain at Duke University, as part of alternative events during the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, and at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2008.

-- As of 9/14/09

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