Landslide. 2004

Shirley Shor

Dynamic Landscapes

Date 4/5/06

Affiliation New Media Artist, San Francisco


With dynamic forms, hypnotic movements, and a luminous palette, Shirley Shor creates artworks that seduce and delight. Part of an emerging generation of new-media artists who are redefining how computers can be engaged in the creation of work, Shor makes real-time computer-generated animations and installations that engage the spatial and temporal. In Shor's works, the landscapes are a synthesis between the code and the territory animated fields of color are in perpetual fluid motion, expanding, merging, collapsing, and reforming with movements and shapes that become metaphors for concepts such as conflict, language, and identity.


Shor's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Recent shows include Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco), SF CamerWork Gallery, Paule Anglim Gallery (San Francisco), Ars Electronica (Linz), Carl Solway Gallery (Cinncinnatti), RAM (Rotterdam), and Herzliya Museum of Art (Tel-Aviv). Shirley has been selected for inclusion in the 2004 California Biennial in the Orange County Museum of Art. She received the 2003 Bay Area Murphy Award in fine arts. Her work Landslide 2004, purchased by the Berkeley Art Museum, is now featured in a newly curated installation of their permanent collection: A Measure of Time: American Art 1900 to the present.

Shor received her BA in Art History and Philosophy from the Tel-Aviv University, and MFA in Conceptual Information Art from San Francisco State University.

-- As of 4/5/06