V. Vale: Attention Depictino Disorders

V. Vale

Attention Depiction Disorders

Date 2/25/08

Affiliation Publisher, RE/search Publications, San Francisco


Bay Area legends Naut Humon and V. Vale will present an oral optical conversation using a variety of media forms. Topics will include ADD, information overload, experiential engineering, catastrophism, shuffle-culture, artificial simulations, panorama, spatial media synthesis, transcoding, cinesonics, meta-language, disembodied temporality, Frankenstein polyphonies and errant edge blending histories. Special guest artist Perry Hoberman will perform live real time requisite visual distractions in accordance with the ADD theme. The dialogue will conclude with rare, unseen footage of the Survival Research Labs private show at Berkeley Art Museum in 2004.


V. Vale has been an independent, non-grant-funded, San Francisco publisher of counterculture magazines and books since 1977. His books include Modern Primitives, Angry Women, Incredibly Strange Music, Incredibly Strange Films, Search and Destroy, Pranks, Industrial Culture Handbook, four books on U.K. visionary author J.G. Ballard, and a book on William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, and Throbbing Gristle.

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