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Valery Grancher

Imagination and Meaning on the Internet

Date 10/27/99

Affiliation Artist, Paris


The communication system commonly called Internet developed initially at the end of the sixties in the context of the military industrial complex and the Cold War, and was then used primarily in the universities. By the beginning of the nineties this system was definitively altering all fields of knowledge, historical and present day, most particularly in the areas of finance, law, politics, science, culture and the arts.

What are the new parameters that will influence artistic production on the Internet in its broadest sense? Is the status of the author and of the artist thrown into question and how will it change? How does one define "virtual?" As all space now corresponds to temporality, what status does one accord to time? Independent of physical parameters, which perceptual phenomenologies come into play? What is identity? Memory? Which language does one use? What are the relationships between individuals?


Valery Grancher is currently visiting the Berkeley Art Museum as part of "Cote ouest" program: a season of French contemporary art on the USA west coast. His project, 24h00, is online at:

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