Yael Kanarek

And I was Both Tongues

Date 11/5/07

Affiliation Artist, New York


Yael Kanarek has developed a unique vocabulary of artistic networked interfaces that combine photography, graphics, hypertext, sculpture, and performance. Kanarek generates complex networked "story spaces" that combine multiple media forms with multiple languages including Hebrew and Arabic. Online visitors move through and explore charged issues of land, space, and language. Recognizing that languages shape space by defining cultural territory and sovereignty, Kanarek explores the question of space on the internet.

Kanarek will present several of her award winning net art projects, including her most recent net art project, Object of Desire, accessible through the Jewish Museum in New York, and her installation Warm Fields, exhibited at the bitforms gallery, where a dynamic physical space is constructed with formalistic tools of configuration, shape, and shadow.


Yael Kanarek is a 1995 Renew Media Fellow who has created a series of projects that update the ancient genre of the traveler's tale. Since 1995, she has been developing a story space called World of Awe that explores connections between travel, memory, storytelling, and technology. Wold of Awe takes the form of a diary of an ungendered traveler who searches for a lost treasure in a fictional parallel world called Sunset/Sunrise.

Kanarek developed a collaborative albulm "Bit by Bit, Cell by Cell" released in 2005 by Innova Recordings. In 2002, SFMOMA commissioned her second World of Awe chapter, "Destruction & Mending". In 2003 Turbulence.org commissioned "Portal," an interactive net.dance. Selected for the 2002 Whitney Biennial, Kanarek has received grants from the Jerome Foundation, Foundation for the Arts, and The Alternative Museum and the recipient of the Netizens Webprize in addition to the CNRS/UNESCO Lewis Carroll Prix Argos in France. Kanarek is the founder of Upgrade! International, a network of gatherings concerning art, technology and culture, and is an honorary senior fellow at Eyebeam.


-- As of 11/5/07

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