Lectures with Lindsay
photo credit: dietrich christian lammerts

Okwui Enwezor Hélène Cixous Harrell Fletcher Cory Arcangel        
Miranda July William Pope.L Bruno Latour Manuel Ocampo        
Andrea Fraser Cobi Van Tonder Rudolf Frieling Mark Pauline        
Marina Grzinic Jaron Lanier Pamela Z Steve Beck        
Reggie Wilson Trinh T. Minh-ha Pierre Huyghe Kaja Silverman        
Chris Kraus Matmos            


Kaja Silverman The Twilight of Posterity 12 March 2007 Kaja Silvermen.mp3
Matmos The Re-Dematerialization of the Art Object 02 February 2007 Matmos.mp3
Chris Kraus Essay: 'Greetings from LA' 05 February 2007 Chris Kraus.mp3
Pierre Huyghe ANALOG 22 January 2007 Pierre Huyghe.mp3
Trinh T. Minh-ha Forces and Forms (Between the Deleuzian Middle and the Chinese Pictorial Arts) 03 November 2006 Trinh Minh-ha.mp3
Rudolf Frieling Stop Making Sense: Contextualizing Media Art 13 November 2006 Rudolf_Frieling.mp3
Cory Arcangel Recent Experiments in Modern Composition, Software and Stand-Up Comedy 16 Oct 2006 Cory_Arcangel.mp3
Pamela Z Making Faces: Theatrical Materiality and Technological Embodiment 11 Sept 2006 Pamela_Z.mp3

William Pope.L When is Art Research? 28 April 2006 William_Pope.L.mp3

Marina Grzinic Representing Time in the Absence of Space 26 April 2006 Marina_Grzinic.mp3

Okwui Enwezor Afro Pessimism and the Global Media 03 May 2006 Okwui_Enwezor.mp3

Reggie Wilson Post African/Neo-Hoodoo dances 21 Mar 2006 Reggie_Wilson.mp3

Steve Beck From pre-digital to post-digital: 40 years of electronic art and music 01 March 2006 Steve_Beck.mp3
Music Copyrighted: "Are you Analog?"

Hélène Cixous The Flying Manuscript 07 Feb 2006 Helene_Cixous.mp3

Mark Pauline Exploiting the Momentum of Self Righteousness 01 Feb 2006 Mark_Pauline.mp3

Harrell Fletcher (Interventions Lecture Series) 21 Nov 2005 Harrell_Fletcher.mp3

Miranda July Ten True Things 11 Nov 2005 Miranda_July.mp3

Andrea Fraser Art as Research 19 Oct 2005 Andrea_Fraser.mp3

Bruno Latour From Objects to Things 17 Oct 2005 Bruno_Latour.mp3

Manuel Ocampo (Interventions Lecture Series) 03 Oct 2005 Manuel_Ocampo.mp3

Cobi Van Tonder Ephemeral Gumboots 28 Sep 2005 Cobi_Van_Tonder.mp3

Jaron Lanier Can Soulful Music Survive Digital Epistemology? 22 Sep 2005 Jaron_Lanier.mp3

15 minute pod casts recorded and distilled by Lindsay L Benedict

lecture series include:
Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium
Townsend Center for Humanity

all lectures recorded at University of California, Berkeley
LwL partially funded by the ATC in 2006-2007 and UCB Art Dept in 2005-2006