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Media Exposure

Due to our bold and inovative approach to the Grand challenge we have been fortunate enough to receive the second most exposure of all the teams, second only to the Red team. I am thankful to all who have understood why we have choosen to tackle difficult problems in order to make ground breaking advancements.

Below is a small sampling of the media we received coverage before and during the 2004 Grand Challenge. Team Ensco estimates that their vehicle "David" received over 75 Million readers/viewers world wide. They have a very good circulation estimate for each of their press exposure posted here.

MAGAZINES: Featured Profiles
Wired Magazine, March 2004
�The Great Robot Race�

Popular Science, March 2004
�Clash of the Headless Humvees�

Design News, April 27 2004
�Riderless Vehicles Try the Mojave�

Extreme Tech; [sister site of PC Magazine], March 2004
�PC-Powered Buggy, Motorcycle Compete In DARPA Challenge�
note: This article also ran in Motocross Canada

Cycle World
Jul 2004; �Army of None?� - [Print only]

Popular Science Jun 2004
�Darpa's Debacle in the Desert�

Wired News
Mar 12, 2004; �Best, Brightest Bots Make Cut�
Mar 10 , 2004; �Robot Racers Catch a Break�

Car and Driver
Jun 2004; �The race that wasn�t�

New York Times
Oct 9, 2003; �Robotic Road Trip on a Military Mission�
Mar 7, 2004; �The Week Ahead; TECHNOLOGY� - [Print only]
Mar 8, 2004; �No Riders: Desert Crossing Is for the Robots Only�

Los Angeles Times
Feb 23, 2003; �Eyes on $1-Million Prize for Robot Ground-Vehicle Race� - [Print only]
Mar 11, 2004; �Pentagon's Robot Race Stalls in Gate� - [Print only]

San Francisco Chronicle
Feb 15, 2004; �Robots, start your engines: It's a mad, mad, mad race�
Mar 13, 2004; �Robots race for cash and country�
Mar 14, 2004; �Robot race suffers quick, ignoble end�

Washington Post
Mar 11, 2004; �Robot Builders Have Eyes on the Prize�

San Jose Mercury News
Mar 9, 2004; �If they only had a brain�

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Mar 11, 2004; �Robots . . . Start your engines!�

Associated Press
Mar 9, 2004- USA Today; �Robot vehicles struggle in Pentagon-race trials�
Mar 12, 2004 - CNN; �Teams qualify for Mojave Desert robot race�
Mar 12, 2004 - Detroit News; �Teams that qualified for Mojave Desert robot race�
Mar 13, 2004; �Early problems end $1M robot race�

Mar 13, 2004; �Desert wins the race of robot cars�
Mar 13, 2004; �Desert Terrain Proves Too Rough for Robotic Racers�
Mar 13, 2004; �Many Early Breakdowns in Robotic Desert Race�

Apr 1, 2004; �Anthony Levandowski Competes In The DARPA Grand Challenge�
*Gamma is a photographic news agency whose works fill the pages of the World�s most prestigious magazines and weeklies (Time, Paris-Match, Newsweek, Stern, El Pais, Gente, G�o,...).

Mar 8, 2004; �Getting ready for the Grand Challenge�

Multi-University Research Laboratory [sponsored by Microsoft]
Apr 22, 2004; Seminar with Featured Speaker Anthony Levandowski

PC Perspective
Mar 11, 2004; �AMD fuels the GhostRider robot - the world�s first autonomous motorcycle�

Mar 4 2004; �DARPA Grand Challenge Entrant Is a Robot Motorcycle!�

IEEE Spectrum [magazine of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers]
Jun 2004; �Sand Trap�

EMSnow [electronic manufacturing services industry portal]
Mar 2, 2004; �Agilent Technologies' tool speeds design of autonomous motorcycle�

The Daily Californian
Mar 3, 2004; �Robotic Race to the Finish�
Mar 9, 2004; �Ghost Rider Robot: Sterling's Smart Motorcycle?�

City Bike [Motorcycling Newspaper]
Jun 2004 ; �Anthony and his DARPA Bike�
Apr 2004; �Berkeley Students Developing Unmanned Military Motorcycle�

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Mar 11, 2004; �CMU Sandstorm faces diverse competition�

Press Dispatch
Mar 14, 2004; �Robot Vehicles Struggle in Pentagon Trials�

Road Trip America
Mar 14, 2004; �Robots on the Road: The DARPA Grand Challenge�

The Guardian [United Kingdom � a leading daily newspaper]
Mar 4, 2004; �The car's on its own in this desert dash �

Lib�ration [France � major national paper]
Mar 20, 2004; �Le raid des robots-pilotes�

The Sunday Times [United Kingdom]
Mar 7, 2004; �Driverless cars put through their paces�

Wprost [Poland � news magazine]
Mar 14, 2004; �Wielki wyscig robot�w�

Neue Z�rcher Zeitung [Switzerland]
Mar 12, 2004; �Roboter-Rally�

Vecernji List [Croatia � leading daily paper]
Mar 7, 2004; �Reli Robota�

Ca M�int�resse [France � science magazine]
May 2004; �Dr�le d��quip�e sauvage dans le d�sert� [Print - only]

Gizmo [Australia � multi-medium magazine]
Mar 2004; �Autonomous Motorcycle to contest DARPA Grand Challenge�
Mar 2004; �The rules for the race of the century were simple: stay on course, finish first, no drivers, no remote control. �
May 20, 2004; �Anthony Follow-up Interview�

Der Spiegel [Germany � leading European news magazine]
Mar 1, 2004; �F�hrerlos durchs Tal des Todes�

All4Engineers [Germany � automotive portal]
Mar 15, 2004; ��Ghostrider� soll 250-Meilen-Rennen ohne Fahrer bestreiten�

Motorfreaks [Netherlands]
Mar 10, 2004; �Motorfiets zonder berijder maakt debuut� [Spain]
Mar 2004; �El Darpa Grand Challenge; La carrera del mill�n de d�lares�

Dagbladet Magasinet [Norway]
Apr 28, 2004; �Det store robotlopet�

Burning Out [Germany � motorcycle magazine]
Mar 12, 2004; �Weltweit erstes f�hrerloses Motorrad�

Presstext [Germany and Austria]
Mar 14, 2004; � �GhostRider� f�hrt ohne Biker�

Article also ran in:
Motorrad Thunder [Germany � motorcycling magazine]

Sport Motor [Hungary]
Mar 1, 2004; �Hirek - GhostRider Robot�

IT Ware [Ukraine � technology and news portal]
Mar 14, 2004; �AMD & GhostRider�

Formula Xtreme [Australia]
Mar 2, 2004; �Bike To Race 400km - But Without Rider�

CT [Germany � computer magazine]
Apr 2004; �Wettstreit autonomer Autos�

Bug Online [Croatia � technology magazine]
Mar 8, 2004; �DARPA Grand Challenge�

Robo Club [Russia]
Apr 2004; �Grand Challenge�

Coupe [Germany � men�s magazine]
Apr 2004; �Wettrennen der Speed-Roboter!� [Print - only]

Online Infozine [Austria]
Mar 2004; �Weltweit erstes f�hrerloses Motorrad "GhostRider" wird von AMD64-Technologie gesteuert� [Belgium]
Mar 30, 2004; �Ghost Rider Robot� [Spain � Catalonian web portal for TV stations]
Mar 15, 2004; �Cursa de robots en ple desert!�

TV & Radio: United States Networks
Mar 10, 2004; �Robots, Start Your Engines The Pentagon Sponsors a Race Across the Desert�
Mar 10, 2004; �A Two-Wheeled Try; Team Preps Robot Motorcycle for DARPA's Desert Race�

Mar 12, 2004; �15 teams qualify for Mojave robot race: of more than 100 entries, only 15 robotic vehicles, ranging from a motorcycle to a mega-military truck, made the final cut�
Mar 14, 2004; �Robots fail to complete Grand Challenge: Nobody won. Nobody even came close�

Mar 11, 2004; �Pentagon looking to robots as means to reduce casualties in future wars�

Mar 8, 2004 �Robotic race gets off to rocky start: twenty robo-racing teams came together on the same track Monday to prepare for the Pentagon�s $1 million road race � a competition where even getting past the starting line was something to cheer about.�
Mar 14, 2004; �Science editor Alan Boyle's Weblog: Updates from the Pentagon's $1 million robotic road race, the DARPA Grand Challenge.�
Mar 14, 2004; �Rough ride for robots, but humans smiling: $1 million race ends without winners, but not without success�

National Public Radio (NPR)
Mar 12, 2004; Talk of the Nation program

The History Channel
Tactical to Practical TV series
TV & Radio: Other
NHK [Japanese TV]

KGO, San Francisco
Feb 17, 2004; �Inventors Challenged To Create Unmanned Vehicle�

TechTV Live
Mar 9, 2004; �Robo-Motorcycle Makes First Tracks: Robotic motorcycle takes on desert in high-stakes DARPA Grand Challenge race.�

Kabel 1 Magazine [German TV]

G4 Tech TV

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