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Oct. 06, 2005 �
Gabriel Fulton
$50.00 USD�

Individual Sponsorships: If you are interested in supporting our cool project, we will put your name on our vehicle! Donations of $50 or more will get an email with a digital picture of our vehicle race day with their name* on it. Donations of $250 or more will get the same but will also receive a Blue Team T-Shirt (sizes S-M-L-XL)**. Proudly wear your Blue Team tshirt and make a strong statement that you embrace young, risk-taking, bold, innovative engineers in their endeavors! Corporate Sponsorships: If your company makes products that you feel would improve our vehicle's performance, or would like to sponsor us to get in touch for possible future recruiting please contact us. * You name, limited to 30 characters, will be printed in size 14 verdana font black on white (or white on black) on both sides of our vehicle. ** Please allow two weeks for shipping.
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