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Blue Team Mission

Our mission is to compete in the DARPA grand challenge and finish as one of the top five teams.

Last year we speculated that no one would finish the Grand Challenge in march 2004. This enabled us to focus our efforts on a two year project, not a six month sprint. With that in mind we decied to create a new robotic platform. A platform that had never been attempted before because of its complexity and up front time investment.

We decided to make our platfor a motorcycle or single track vehicle. The reason why we choose the motorcycle is that it has many advantages over conventional 4 or 6 wheel vehicles.

Some advantages are:

It is thin - effectively reducing a 6 feet wide car to 5 inches. This means to our vehicle the road is 5 feet wider.

It is mobile - navigating around an obstacle is much simpler because you can turn more quickly.

It is cheap - this is more important for further applications than for competing in the Grand Challenge.

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