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Sensor Specifications:
64 lasers
360 degree field of view (azimuth)
0.09 degree angular resolution (azimuth)
26.5 degree field of view (elevation)
+2.5 degrees up to -24 down with 64 equally spaced angular subdivisions
5 cm resolution (distance)
10 Hz field of view update
2,621,440 points per second
Sample lidar scan for packet testing and Sample lidar output available. Format is Ethereal log.

Laser Specifications:
Class I m - eye safe
2 x 32 lasers lens assemblies
905 nm wavelenth
15 nano second pulse
Adaptive power system for minimizing saturations

Mechanical Specifications:
7-36V input
<10 lbs.
<20 watt consumption
1200 RPM spin rate
8" tall cylinder of 8" OD radius
MIL-C-5015 spec connectors
Mechanical drawings available

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