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First comercially available lidar designed exclusively for autonomous vehicles
Ultra high data rate
Synchnonized and time-stamped scans
Simple mounting
  HD lidar concept
HD lidar is the concept of making high definition, 3 dimensional information about the surrounding environment easily available. No calibration needed, no sensor fusion needed, no timing issues, just valuable distance and intensity information available at minimal deterministic latency (0.1 milliseconds).

General purpose sensors
For years, autonomous vehicles have relied on components and hardware that was built for pursposes other than navigation. Since the resolution, FOV, and frame rates are inadequate for navigation from a single sensor, it takes tremendous effort to setup, calibrate, integrate and configure multiple sensors, only to start over when something changed. The most notable example is the use laser scanners designed for industrial process control coerced into performing mapping and obstacle avoidance tasks. Specially designed lidars have been produced by defense contractors at the expense of multi-millions of dollars of research and development, only to remain off the market.

Purpose built
Now, the first 3-D 360 lidar is available for autonomous vehicle developers and mapping applications. The unit's development has been focused on meeting the need for higher precision, higher data rate, robustness and simpler interfacing of the end user. With the HDL-64E, you can immediately get to work on navigation algorithms, and not worry about fusing your sensors.

Focus your efforts on developing the software required for the application, not on getting your hardware to work.

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